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In 1929, Johnny Sack leased a small tract of land from the United States Forest Service and began building his log cabin at Big Springs. Little did Johnny know when he first acquired the choice building site, his home would become a landmark one day discussed in the United States Congress.

Due to its unique location and picturesque setting, Johnny’s cabin and nearby water-wheel have long been one of the most photographed sites in Island Park. The cabin attracts thousands of visitors each summer interested in the log and stone structure as well as the building’s colorful creator.

The cabin is open to the public from mid-June through mid-September, and visitors are invited to visit and see firsthand the unique craftsmanship of one of Island Park’s early settlers. One of Johnny’s trademarks is the split bark decoration used in the cabin’s furniture and interior. He took great pride in detail work. One ceiling lamp, still hanging in its original location, contains seventy-two individual handcrafted pieces of wood. A double bed was made of ninety-six wood pieces which Johnny nailed and glued together. Today many of the individually crafted pieces of wood furniture Johnny created for his home remain in their original location.

Moose frequent the area and can be viewed dining on the watercress in the crystal clear spring waters.

MESA FALLS scenic byway

A thunderous curtain of water – as tall as a 10-story building – pours over remnants of an ancient volcanic super-eruption. From Ashton, Idaho, the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway heads northeast into the lush landscape of the Targhee National Forest. It’s a loop that runs for nearly thirty impressive miles all the way to the Island Park area.This byway includes the popular Warm River campground and two of the most spectacular waterfalls in the West — lower and upper Mesa Falls. At the upper falls you can stop at the historic Big Falls interpretive center to learn about the geology and history of the area.

Plan ahead to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. fill up on gas and pack a picnic lunch.

gulls .. Big Springs, Island Park, Idaho
Upper Mesa Falls, Island Park, Idaho
Water wheel at Johnny Sack's Cabin

The Brewery Follies Virginia City playhouse in summer months

Virginia City & Nevada City, Montana

Come see why Virginia City is the number one state owned tourist attraction and the town that literally has resisted change since 1863! View what history has left behind with hundreds of historic buildings complete with one of the largest Americana artifact sites in the United States. Ride the train, pan for gold, attend a live theater show, shop in unique gift and specialty shops and enjoy fine dining and old-fashioned candy shop goods. Virginia City and Nevada City lie about a mile apart along Alder Gulch, the site of the richest placer gold strike in the Rocky Mountains.

These little Montana towns are gems, held within an incredibly rich area of natural beauty, recreation and history. Discover Virginia City & Nevada City, Montana, approximately 85 miles from Two Feathers Cabin, a 1 1/2 hour drive.
Nevada City Railroad Depot .. area info & map
Virginia City main street, photos by home owner
Nevada City mining dredge .. pan for gold!